Meet the Owner of 529 Kids Consign Loudoun


Some may say that Tammy’s career began when she was just a little girl as she always had a passion for style and a love for fashion!

Tammy started in the retail world back in the 1990’s when she worked for Abercrombie and Fitch.  It was here that Tammy met Megan Podolsky (founder of 529 Kids Consign).  Little did Tammy know then, that Megan would turn out to be one of her best friends and even stand in Tammy’s wedding as a bridesmaid.  Tammy always had an eye for perfection at Abercrombie, making the displays pop while seamlessly maintaining an intense focus on customer service!  This work ethic led her to a promotion to management within A&F as she simultaneously went to college.  Tammy graduated from the State University of New York and relocated down to Northern Virginia with her family.  After continuing a brief stint with Abercrombie, she took advantage of a major opportunity in 2004 to work with Calvin Klein underwear in the Washington DC area.  Again, working with Megan… it was becoming clear that these two ladies were destined for a journey together in their fashion careers!

Tammy married in 2005 and took a break in her career to raise twin girls and a baby boy.  Her family loves spending time together…especially traveling to the beach and spending time outdoors as often as possible.  With her baby boy starting school and an itch to get back into the world of fashion, it was a “no-brainer” that carrying on Megan’s amazing concept and brand up in Loudoun County with a store of her own was going to be her next chapter.  Therefore, Tammy’s fourth child, 529 Kids Consign-Loudoun was born in April of 2018!

For more information on 529 Kids Consign Loudoun and to find out about drop off hours, check us out on Facebook or call us 571-417-3060!

Our Address: 21020 Sycolin Road Suite 125 Ashburn, VA 20147

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