Shopper FAQ's

Q. Why Don't You Sell Consigned Items On Your Website?

A. We are selling through items so quickly in the store, that it has been really hard for us to keep up with the site. Here is our suggestion: If you are looking for something in particular, call the store and we can send you pics of what we have.  We also post new items daily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram & Twitter! 

Q. Can I Pay For Something Over The Phone That I See On Facebook Or Instagram And Pick It Up?

A. Yes, however, we will now send you an invoice to pay through your email. If you want something that we have posted on IG or FB, simply post your email within the comments and we will send you an invoice asap!  The first email we receive will be invoiced. 

Q. Can I Pay For Something Over The Phone That I See On Facebook Or Instagram And Have It Shipped?

A. Yes, however, we will now send you an invoice to pay through your email, with payment and mailing address instructions.  We will ship at the following rates:

1-2- items $3

3-4 items $4

5-6 items $6

Over 6 items up to $12

A surcharge will apply to residents of California and Alaska.

Q. Do you hold items?

A. We are happy to hold anything that you see on social media for 24 HOURS!  We will make exceptions if you call and talk to us, and/or pay by invoice.  But, please, if you want an item pick up or pay within 24!  If we do not hear from you, the item will be up for grabs!

Q. Do You Keep Track Of Customer Requests?

A. Yes! We have a wish list. If you are looking for something specific give us a call (703-567-4518) or email us ( and we will add you to our list!

Q. What Form Of Payment Can I Use?

A. We accept, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex and of course cash.

Q. What Is Your Return Policy?

A. See our policies

Q. Do You Offer A Military Discount?

A. Yes! EVERY Tuesday is military appreciation day. A 10% discount will be given with proper military i.d.

Q. Do You Combine Discounts?

A. No! We can not combine discounts. If we are offering a sale on certain items you can take advantage of the sale on that day, however, you can not combine with your military, consignor, frequent shopper or other discounts. 

Q. Why 529?

A. It’s a college savings plan! Start saving for your children’s education by shopping and/or consigning with us.  Local VA residents can click here to set up a VA 529 plan! 

Consignor FAQ's

Q. What Is Your Consignor Split?

A. We offer a 60/40% split, where the consignor would receives 40% of the selling price after a 3 month period. 

Q. Why Haven't I Received My Check Yet?

A. We issue a check on Tuesday of the week after your consignment period has expired. Example: if your period expires on 3/13/2014, your check would be issued on 3/18/14.  We use PNC online banking so check will usually arrive on Friday or Saturday of the week issued.

Q. Can I Use The Money In My Consignment Account As Store Credit?

A. Yes! You will receive a 10% discount on regular priced consigned items, if you choose to use your money as store credit. This can be done throughout your consignment period.


Q. Can We Use Store Credit From Old Town In Hollin Hall Or Vise Versa?

A. Unfortunately, at this time we can not offer this. Hopefully sometime in the future we will be able to!


Q. How Many Items Can I Bring To My Appointment?

A. We ask that you keep it to 50 items.  If you need to make a second appointment , we can do that!  We ask that you thoroughly inspect all items for stains, pet hair, and tears prior to bringing them in.  We want your best items!


Q. What Happens To Items That Do Not Sell?

A. We will gladly return to you, or donate them on your behalf to the Lupus Foundation. If you choose to have items returned, we ask that you pick them up on or before your expiration date.  See our agreement page for more information.